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A little about me…

Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Crystal Clay. It’s hard to know where to begin because I do so many things, lol. But here’s the short list:

  1. Educator 👩🏽‍🏫

  2. Speaker 🎤

  3. Writer 📝

  4. Podcaster 🎙

  5. Saxophonist 🎷

  6. Wife 👰🏽

  7. Mother of 2 👫

  8. cool nerd 🤓

  9. and a bunch of other stuff 😎

I’ve been talking and sharing ideas my entire life. On my second grade report card my teacher wrote: “Crystal must have been born talking, but thank God she’s bright.” My mother must have missed the part about me being bright because she was very upset about the born talking. 😩 I learned then, if you’re going to talk, you better have something important to say. So I have something important to say, but it’s not about me, it’s about us. *drumroll please*🥁…We are unstoppable!

What does it mean to be unstoppable? Being unstoppable means that you’ve made a decision that nothing will prevent you from showing up, achieving your goals, and becoming the highest version of yourself, unapologetically. It means that no matter what you face you’re determined to be a winner. Just like water through a rock, you’ll find a way to keep moving.

I started Unstoppable Woman because I know how it feels to think that you’re stuck. I know how it feels to think there’s got to be more than “this”, but wonder if you’ll ever really see what you’ve been hoping for. I know how it feels to be disappointed with the current circumstances of your life but have no idea if you can do anything significant to change them.

I know how it is to be a young mom ( I had my son exactly 5 months before my 21st birthday)

I know how it is for your life to not turn out how you’ve envisioned and wonder if there’s any point in continuing…

But I also know how it feels to make the decision that you will not die, you will not give up, and you will not stay stuck. I know how it is to defy the odds, start again, manifest your dreams, and succeed in spite of struggle. I want to share what I’ve learned and what I’m learning with you. Thanks for taking this journey with me: from stuck to unstoppable!

~Love, Crystal Clay

Now tell me a little about you in the comment section below!

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