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Word of the Week: Audacity

Audacity: shameless boldness, courage, and confidence, especially with disregard to conventional thought or other people’s restrictions.

If you have my app📲 you already received at least 3 notifications since Monday that challenged you to have the audacity to do something. Monday’s Quote of the Day was “Have the audacity to believe that you deserve to be seen and heard. #YouMatter”. I was super excited by how many people reached out to me to let me know that quote resonated with them.

As I challenge you, I also challenge myself. I’m challenging myself to show up boldly and unapologetically, especially when it would seem so much more comfortable to conform to the status quo. Recently, I did the big chop and went natural. 💇🏽‍♀️ What that means is I cut off all my chemically relaxed hair and was left with about an inch of my hair in it’s natural state. The funny thing is that I haven’t been natural since I was 10 years old, so I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t even know if it would be “combable,”lol. I just knew I wanted something different, something funky, and something with less maintenance.

I’m a super busy person and sitting in the beauty salon weekly for 3-4 hours was taking up way too much of my time. Plus after certain styles I would barely get proper rest because I didn’t want to “mess up my hair”. 🙈 So I would try to sleep sitting up or with my hands folded to hold my head up. I laugh at those days now, but I was serious about my curls holding up.

Going to the barber now is much more time efficient. I’m in and out in less than an hour. Done and done! ✅ To be honest, however, I’m not sure natural hair is less maintenance, it’s just a different type. Learning how to stay moisturized, battle with shrinkage, and use the right products, is a daunting task. But, i’m rolling with it and I like it so far. And that’s the thing. I like it. I’m sure there are styles that are more conservative, but what can I say, I’m taking a walk on the wild side!

Here’s the thing, beforeI did the big chop and went natural I had to make some internal decisions. I decided:

  1. I’m willing to look different than many of the people in my field

  2. I willing to discover and define what my beauty looks like through my eyes

  3. I’m willing to show up and stand in my power (even when it’s not easy)

  4. I deserve to be seen and heard for who I am, not what others think I should be

Some of the decisions above may seem obvious, but when you’re a recovering people pleaser, it’s hard to do things that the people around you question. Unfortunately hair is a very big deal in some circles, and you could be sized up, judged, and categorized based on the style you choose. My style of hair could be the deciding factor on whether I’m called to speak in certain venues. I was nervous about that at first, but I decided that if an engagement doesn’t want me to come and speak because of what my hair looks like, that’s probably not a place I want to speak at anyway. 🙃 I decided to have the audacity to do what I wanted, no apologies. 💁🏽‍♀️

I wonder what you have the audacity to do, regardless of other people’s responses and/opinions. In what area are you showing up without apology? In what area are you struggling?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Remember, you’re unstoppable! I’m cheering you on!

Love, Crystal Clay

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